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Early Childhood Education

Kids in Preschool

Program of Study:

The Early Childhood Teacher Academy program of study is a three (3) course Career & Technical Education (CTE) program that engages students in developing a realistic understanding of early childhood while exploring the importance and impact of teachers. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to sustain their interest in the early childhood profession and cultivate the skills needed to be successful, thus creating a pipeline of high-quality students transitioning to the early childhood field. Students will understand the importance and uniqueness of early childhood and participate in classroom and field experiences. The program prepares students for a variety of careers in early childhood such as teacher, curriculum director, and administrator.*

Potential Career Opportunities:

  • Child Care Administrator

  • Director of Educational Programs

  • Early Childcare Worker

  • Early Childhood Research/Analysis

  • Early Childhood Teacher

  • Early Intervention Specialist

  • Teacher's Assistant

Click Here For Labor Market Information and Delaware Data for Career Pathway Planning.

Competition Opportunities:

Educators Rising:

  • Children’s Literature – K-3

  • Children’s Literature – Pre-K

  • Creative Lecture (TED Talk)

  • Educators Rising Leadership Award

  • Educators Rising Moment

  • Ethical Dilemma

  • Exploring Education Administration Careers

  • Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers

  • Exploring Support Services Careers

  • Impromptu Lesson

  • Impromptu Speaking

  • Inside Our Schools Presentation

  • Job Interview

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – Arts

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – Career and Technical Education

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – Humanities

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – STEM

  • Public Speaking

  • Researching Learning Challenges

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