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Making Art

Program of Study:

The K-12 Teacher Academy program of study is a three (3) and six (6) course CTE program that prepares students for careers in elementary and secondary education. Observation opportunities in a variety of age and discipline settings, as well as special needs and non-classroom settings, provide practical experiences while enriching the learning. Students participate in a long-term placement during their senior year which allows for in-depth experiences in a classroom setting.*

Potential Career Opportunities:

  • Elementary School Teacher

  • Secondary Teacher

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Related Arts Teacher (Physical Education, Music, Fine Arts)

  • Career Technical Education Teacher

  • Foreign Language Teacher

  • English Language Learners Teachers

  • Education Administration

  • Paraprofessional

  • Coach

Click Here For Labor Market Information and Delaware Data for Career Pathway Planning.

Competition Opportunities:

Educators Rising:

  • Children’s Literature – K-3

  • Children’s Literature – Pre-K

  • Creative Lecture (TED Talk)

  • Educators Rising Leadership Award

  • Educators Rising Moment

  • Ethical Dilemma

  • Exploring Education Administration Careers

  • Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers

  • Exploring Support Services Careers

  • Impromptu Lesson

  • Impromptu Speaking

  • Inside Our Schools Presentation

  • Job Interview

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – Arts

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – Career and Technical Education

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – Humanities

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – STEM

  • Public Speaking

  • Researching Learning Challenges

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  • Early Childhood Education FCCLA STAR Event

  • Early Childhood Challenge Skill Demonstration Event

  • #TeachFCS

  • Technology in Teaching

  • Career Investigation

  • Chapter Service Project Display

  • Chapter Service Project Portfolio

  • Digital Stories for Change

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Focus on Children

  • Instructional Video Design

  • Interpersonal Communications

  • Job Interview

  • National Programs in Action

  • Nutrition and Wellness

  • Parliamentary Procedure

  • Professional Presenation

  • Public Policy Advocate

  • Say Yest to FCS Education

  • Sustainability Challenge

  • Teach and Train

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